Post Exercise Metabolic Effect

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Post Exercise Metabolic Effect

Article from October 21, 2013 by Andrew Foehrkolb

Fall is here and the holiday season is starting in earnest. One way to keep your weight in check during the upcoming holiday season is through vigorous exercise.

   A recent study performed at the University of North Carolina Human Performance Laboratory evaluated the role of exercise and the metabolic rate.

10 men were monitored using a metabolic chamber for two 24 hour periods. One day the subjects cycled for 45 minutes (70% VO2max) and the other day was a non-exercise day. The study participants were measured in the metabolic chamber in tightly controlled conditions. All energy and macronutrient intakes and energy expenditure data was collected during the 24 hour study period. Energy intake and expenditure was matched on both the rest and exercise days to ensure zero energy balance under both conditions while the daily living activities were controlled.

  The study concluded that exercise significantly raised the metabolic rate for 14 hours post exercise. On average 190 additional calories were expended after exercising and 32 calories while sleeping. Even though this study used stationary cycling as a means to achieve 70% VO2max, I believe similar results may be achieved using a treadmill or other equipment as a means to achieve this cardiovascular workload and to achieve the effect of post workout metabolic stimulation. The net effect of calories expended over a 24-hour period and weight loss is meaningful if two or three such exercise bouts are performed during your weekly training schedule and calories consumed are controlled.

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