I highly recommend Columbia Personal Training Services. Drew Foehrkolb is a patient, enthusiastic, experienced endurance and strength coach. As a cyclist, my training goals were to increase my cycling performance on some upcoming bike events: Pedal Pittsburgh (a 280 mile 5 day bike ride from Frederick, Md. to Pittsburgh, PA), and the Catoctin Challenge (a 2 day charity bike event- starting at Frederick, MD). Andrew explained to me that simply biking more miles was not going to increase my

-Edgar Roeser, Frederick MD


I am a veteran of nearly 30 years of athletic activity with emphasis in triathlons and long distance cycling. I have completed many Olympic Distance Triathlons and 5 Official Paris-Brest-Paris endurance cycling rides. In the past, I generally followed my self developed training regimen. At the beginning of 2012, I began following Coach Foehrkolb’s training plan in preparation for the Columbia Triathlon in May 2012 and several individual Cycling Time Trials. A detailed daily training…

-Max Prola, Columbia MD


I have been training with Drew for 3 months with a program focused on strength, reduction in body fat and running and have seen encouraging results in all three areas. Body fat is down – seeing some much needed muscle definition — and run times have improved. Happy Client!

-Sally McMahon Glenelg, MD


I had the good fortune of completing my first marathon and Olympic distance triathlon under the guidance and coaching of Drew Foehrkolb. I was scared and naive going into it, but Drew’s calm and encouraging demeanor made it all seem possible and within reason. His philosophy of “its better to be 10% under-trained than 1% over-trained” has guided my training up to three years later. His expertise on how to train without over training has enabled me to run 6 marathons, and complete 10 triathlons…

-Aleah Zinalabedene, Columbia MD


I had always considered myself knowledgeable about exercise and running. As I approached the 40 years old milestone in life, I wanted to complete a marathon. As I began my preparation, I learned the hard way that my training and approach for such a distance was undisciplined. I was never able to break that 10 mile run threshold. After connecting with Drew, he put me on a program that helped me to understand my body and how to make it perform at such a distance.

-Dave Steel, Columbia MD


I attend weekly 1 hour sessions with Drew and look forward to each one. It is a great time to focus on myself, my goals and my well being. I have been working with Drew since August 2012, I have lost 18 pounds so far and have made a noticeable increase in my muscle tone. Drew is an excellent instructor and motivator as well as a good communicator, he is patient and observant of your limitations. He knows when to increase intensity to get the best out of a workout and when to pull back to…

-DanaAnn Sisson, Reston, VA


Coach Drew Foehrkolb designed a custom program that not only ensured I had the fitness to complete my first half ironman Eagleman, but also gave me the confidence I needed. He provided a day by day workout guide, one on one feedback sessions, and helpful tips and hints. Under his guidance I achieves my goal and did it without injury.

-Eric Viglione, Reston VA


Drew coached me for my first marathon. Before I worked with him, I had run a few shorter races, but my training was haphazard and unfocused. Without his encouragement and guidance, I would not have even attempted the marathon. He gave me a detailed training plan each week that was easy for me to understand. He taught me how to do speed workouts on the track and how to progressively build up my long run. I learned how to train consistently.

-Lizzy Cowan, Ellicott City MD